DIN 71802 Angle joint

DIN 71802 Angle joint
DIN 71802 Angle joint
 angle joint, the pull rod of the shell with ball head, the ball head of the steering spindle is placed in the shell of the ball head, the ball head is hinged with the edge of the axle hole of the shell of the ball head through the ball head seat at the front end, and the ball head seat and the steering spindle are embedded in the groove of the hole surface of the ball head seat, which can reduce the wear of the ball head and improve the tensile strength of the spindle.Ball head ball connection is an important part of the connector, its role is installed between the ball head and the connecting rod body, the mechanical connection between the ball head and the connecting rod body and the transmission of power, the driving force of the ball head part can drive the connecting rod part to move through the ball head connecting rod.

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Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
d1 d2 l2 l3 e d5 l1 a SW A and AS B and BS
h9 ±0.3 ±0.3 min h11 ±0.2 ±0.3 h14 C and CS
8 M5 10.2 9 10.2 5 4 22 7 15.2 12.85
10 13.35
10 M6 12.5 11 11.5 6 4.5 25 8 25.2 21.3
8 22
13 M8 16.5 13 14 8 5 30 11 53.1 43.1
10 45
16 M10 20 16 15.5 10 6 35 13 103.8 82.3
M12 13 86.6
19 M14*1.5 10.2 9 10.2 5 12 22 7 15.2 181
M14*2 18 188.7

DIN 71802 Angle joint Features

Angle joint connecting rod, there are two main types, spherical pin and integral ball seat combination, the other is a hemispherical ball pin and spherical components combination.Before the use of spiral spring for preloading and compensation of wear structure, now is widely used with elastic and lubrication of synthetic resin ball seat, both reduce the cost, and improve the handling stability.In addition, the material, shape and type of grease of the dust cover have been greatly improved.The ball head pin is mainly composed of end cap, ball pin, ball seat and dust proof cover, etc. The end cap is mostly made of steel plate, the material of which is mainly carbon steel, some of which are also made of aluminum alloy or nodular cast iron.

The machining precision of the ball pin surface is required to be high, and alloy steel with good hardenability is often used. The surface of the ball pin matched with the metal ball should be hardened by high-frequency quenching to improve the wear resistance.Now the ball pin and non-metallic ball seat with more, so only the ball pin to take the quenched and tempered treatment.The selection of ball pin diameter should be based on the factors such as tensile strength and durability.The material of ball socket is surface hardened steel, powder metallurgy, nylon, polyacetal resin, polyurethane and polyester elastomer.Because the material and shape of the ball seat have great influence on the wear and fatigue life, the molybdenum disulfide or oil is immersed in the material to improve the wear resistance.The reinforcing bar or composite material can be added on the ball seat.The sealing of dust cover has great influence on the wear and fatigue life of the ball pin.Its material chooses to be able to bear high temperature more, be able to bear oil, be able to bear aging polyurethane or chloroprene rubber.In addition, the deformation during movement should be considered in the design to avoid the dust from the mating surface into the ball pin after deformation.At the same time, dust cover and related parts of the precision, also has a great impact on the sealing and service life.