C Series Carbon Steel Rod Ends



For a traditional carbon steel two-piece rod end,  These metal to metal rod ends are protective coated for corrosion resistance and are available in both metric and inch dimensions with left and right hand threads in male and female styles. The C Series is also available with a Teflon® liner. Grease fittings and stud configurations are available.


Plated Carbon Steel Body, 2 piece Metal to Metal, Economy

CM3, CM4, CM4-5, CM5-6, CM6, CM6-7, CM6-8, CM7, CM7-8, CM8, CM8-10, CM8-12, CM10, CM10-12, CM12, CM12-757, CF3, CF4, CF5, CF6, CF7, CF8, CF10, CF12

CM3T, CM4T, CM4-5T, CM5-6T, CM6T, CM6-7T, CM6-8T, CM7T, CM7-8T, CM8T, CM8-10T, CM8-12T, CM10T, CM10-12T, CM12T, CM12-757T, CF3T, CF4T, CF5T, CF6T, CF7T, CF8T, CF10T, CF12T