XM Male Chromoly Steel Series Rod Ends

Yousen Bearing supply Rod end to replace QA1 ,midwest control XM, MXM Male Chromoly Steel Series Rod Ends,For the ultimate in performance rod ends, These heavy duty rod ends are commonly used on 4-link and ladder bars for their strength and durability. XM Series rod ends are completely self-sealing and self-lubricating because of their PTFE®/Kevlar® injection molded race that keeps dirt and debris out.

Ball: 52100 Bearing Steel, Heat Treated, Hard Chrome Plated, Precision Ground
Race: PTFE®/Kevlar®, Self-Lubricating, Self-Sealing
Body: Chromoly Steel, Heat Treated, Protective Coated for Corrosion Resistance
Exclusive Features: Metal to Metal Support for Heavy Shock Loads and Increased Cross-Sectional Thickness for Greater Tensile Strength.

4130 Chromoly Body, Hard Chrome Plated, Teflon/ Kevlar Race, Heavy Duty

XM3, XM3-4, XM4, XM4-5, XM5, XM5-6, XM6, XM6-7, XM7, XM7-8, XM8, XM8-10, XM8-12, XM10, XM10-12, XM12, XM12-14, XM14, XM16, XM16-1, XM16-2

XF3, XF4, XF5, XF6, XF7, XF8, XF10, XF12, XF16, XF16-1, XF16-2

MXM3, XM3-4, MXM4, MXM4-5, MXM5, MXM5-6, MXM6, MXM6-7, MXM7, MXM7-8, MXM8, MXM8-10, MXM8-12, MXM10, MXM10-12, MXM12, MXM12-14, MXM14, MXM16, MXM16-1, MXM16-2

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