Do you know Thrust Bearings?

Do you know Thrust Bearings? Thrust bearings primarily absorb axial loads from rotating shafts into the stationary housings or mounts, ,although they permit rotation between parts similar to other bearings. There are two major groupings of these bearings, sliding bearings and rolling bearings. Thrust bearing reduce friction and deal with stress while enabling rotational.Or linear movement between various parts in automobiles and other machinery. Metal upon metal contact produces large amounts of friction and stress in the metals. This friction usually adds to the premature wear and tear of the metal while slowly degrading it. An example of a sliding thrust bearing is a thrust washer which is a low-friction material between the shaft and the bearing journal along the rotating component. The primary function of a thrust bearing is to reduce this friction and permit the metal parts to function smoothly, thereby prolonging its durability. Chinese thrust bearing manufacturer