Johnny Joint

Johnny Joint is the original urethane bushed spherical ball joint and still the undisputed leader in articulation and durability. The bushings in the Johnny Joint are made of a proprietary urethane that surrounds a smooth heat treated inner ball that rotates without binding, enabling Johnny Joints to last up to 10 times longer than the knock-off products that flood the market.


The Most Trusted

The Johnny Joint is the most recognized flex joint on the market, trusted by suspension designers and manufacturers for its unique combination of features, including superior articulation, proven durability, quiet operation, and limited deflection.


The Most Featured

Unmatched Durability Under The Harshest Conditions – The Johnny Joints installed under Jeeps,baja, have conquered the Rubicon trail too many times to count, lead countless trail runs at Moab, have pre-run the full length of the Baja 1000 multiple times, and have covered more than 70,000 miles of highway driving with zero failures or parts replacement – no other high articulation suspension joint on the market comes close to matching the durability of the Johnny Joint!

Industry Leading Articulation – Johnny Joints are designed to allow your vehicle's suspension to move freely without restriction. The smooth hardened steel ball center rotates inside the proprietary urethane bushing without binding or tearing the bushing material like rubber or sleeved urethane bushings. Johnny Joints are available with up to 42 degrees of articulation per joint, 30+ degrees is typical (varies based on mount width and bolt diameter).

Quiet Smooth Operation – Unlike steel heim joints, Delrin or hard urethane bushings, Johnny Joints do not squeak, clunk or make otherwise annoying noises. The smooth steel ball center rotates quietly inside the proprietary urethane shell that provides a firm positive cushion to quiet and dampen trail impacts and road noise.

Simple Maintenance – Johnny Joints, like any serviceable parts on your vehicle, will last longer if you give them just a little maintenance. To keep your Johnny Joints happy, just give them a small shot of grease through the zerk fitting every 6 months or before any major off-road outing.

Fully Rebuildable – Wearing out a Johnny Joint is an uncommon occurrence, but if it should happen, every Johnny Joint can be fully rebuilt with one of our very affordable rebuild kits that contain: new urethane, side washers, and a retaining snap ring.